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Hot For Mother Nature

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015


The tips of my reaching fingers delicately pluck her plump, firm berries releasing her ready, ripe fruit into my gentle, moist palm.

Yup, Hot for Mother Nature!


I press my body into her wet leaves saturated from a warm summer rain. I gingerly caress her glistening jeweled clusters until she lets go, dripping sweet black juice onto my skin as her hard nails claw at my back.

Hot for Mother Nature!


With earthly passion and strength she lunges towards me. Her form is cut with rippling, rock hard striations. My hands search her smooth pathways, lingering on the soft cracks and wise crevices teaming with life. Her grounding magnetism leaves me shuttering with ecstasy.

Hot for Mother Nature!


Her undulating waves crash with a deep moan. She tastes of salt and smells of sunshine.  She breathes in light and exhales love. Her whispers titillate my ears and spray down my spine. Her beauty fondles my heart and transforms my soul.

Hot for Mother Nature!